Best Coffee Shops Siesta Key, Sarasota

Blog, Monday, December 11, 2023

Your Guide to the Finest Coffee in Siesta Key

Welcome to Siesta Key, where the sun always shines, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air. This beautiful island paradise is not only famous for its pristine beaches but also boasts an impressive array of coffee shops, each with its unique charm and flavors. Get ready to embark on a caffeine-fueled adventure as we explore the best coffee shops Siesta Key Sarasota has to offer so strap in and get ready for some amazing coffee shops.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the best coffee shops in Siesta Key, from Captain Curt’s Coffee Shop to Nutritious You Plant-Based Café.
  • Enjoy island vibes and vegan delights while exploring unique cafes like Mojo Risin’ Coffee Co., Simon’s Coffee House, and Meaney’s Mini Donuts & Ice Cream.
  • Plan your caffeine adventure with a stay at Tropical Breeze Resort for easy access to all the top spots!

Best Coffee Siesta Key: #1 Captain Curt’s Coffee Shop

delicious coffee captain curts siesta key

The unique Tiki Hut seating area at Captain Curt’s provides a calm and casual atmosphere for customers to enjoy their coffee. The shop boasts an impressive coffee selection, from classic lattes to seasonal flavored drinks. Their signature drink, the Captain’s Special, a rich blend of espresso, steamed milk, and a hint of caramel, has received rave reviews from visitors.Here’s what some patrons have to say about Captain Curt’s Coffee Shop:

captain curts coffee shop, siesta key, sarasota

In the heart of Siesta Key, FL you’ll find Captain Curt’s Coffee Shop. This full-service café, located on the south end of the island, offers delicious Kahwa Coffee and a variety of baked goods, making it a must-visit during your Siesta Key vacation.

From Google Business Reviews:

  1. “The Captain’s Special is a must-try! The perfect blend of espresso, milk, and caramel. A perfect way to start the day!” – Jane D.
  2. “This place is a gem! Great coffee, friendly staff, and the Tiki Hut seating area is a unique touch.” – Tom R.

From Yelp:

  1. “I love the vibe of this place. It’s casual and relaxed, just what you want on a vacation. The coffee is excellent, and the baked goods are to die for!” – Sarah L.
  2. “Captain Curt’s Coffee Shop has the best coffee Siesta Key. The Captain’s Special is my go-to order. You won’t be disappointed.” – Mike J.

From Trip Advisor:

  1. “The coffee at Captain Curt’s is top-notch. I love the variety they offer, and the Captain’s Special is a treat!” – Emily K.
  2. “A great place to grab a coffee and relax. The Tiki Hut seating area is a fun touch, and the staff is always friendly.” – Dave S.

In addition to being the best coffee shop in Siesta Key, Captain Curt’s also offers tempting food choices, including their award-winning Clam Chowder.

Part of the vibrant Captain Curt’s Village, this coffee shop shares its location with the well-known Captain Curt’s Crab & Oyster Bar, a seafood restaurant famous in Siesta Key. The village also houses the Sniki Tiki Bar and the Orange Octopus Ice Cream Company. If you’re in the mood for shopping, check out The Tiki Trading Company. For those looking for adventure, Captain Curt’s Village offers bike and kayak rentals.

The village also provides live entertainment and karaoke nights for those looking for some fun.

Captain Curt’s Village truly has something for everyone, making it a great place to spend your time in Siesta Key. With excellent service and delicious options, Captain Curt’s Coffee Shop is the perfect place to start your Siesta Key adventure.

Island Vibes at Mojo Risin’ Coffee Co.

Located at 5251 Ocean Blvd, Siesta Key, FL, Mojo Risin’ Coffee Co. is your island-inspired coffee destination. The moment you step inside, you’ll be greeted by good service and a laid-back atmosphere that perfectly encapsulates the island vibes of Siesta Key.

This coffee shop is among the many coffee shops that offer a diverse range of good coffee options, including great coffee, catering to all coffee lovers. With custom blends named after famous writers and places like Moonlight Drive, Kerouac, and Playa Grande, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss out on their popular breaking wave coffee blend, a true local favorite. If you’re in the mood for something healthier, Mojo Risin’ also serves up delicious smoothie bowls, perfect for a nutritious breakfast or midday snack.

Whether you call Siesta Key home or are just passing through, Mojo Risin’ Coffee Co. is a fantastic location to satiate your caffeine cravings, satisfy your palate with delightful snacks, and absorb the island ambiance.

Bean Coffeehouse: A Local Favorite

Siesta Key locals frequent Bean Coffeehouse for its dedication to good customer service and to offering superior, locally sourced ingredients in its offerings. This charming coffee house offers an extensive menu of:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Homemade pastries
  • Sandwiches
  • Smoothies

All made from local ingredients.

Bean Coffeehouse’s menu boasts a variety of breakfast options, including sandwiches, lox bagels, and turkey on a baguette. Their made-from-scratch pastries and breakfast sandwiches, such as croissants, bagels, avocado toast, and breakfast burritos, are simply divine. They also serve clever cup coffee, ensuring you’ll enjoy every last sip.

Step into a relaxed and super chill atmosphere at Bean Coffeehouse, where friendly staff will make you feel right at home. It’s a little oasis in the touristy area, perfect for enjoying a quiet morning or catching up with friends over a delicious cup of buddy brew coffee.

Village Cafe: A Family-Friendly Destination

A family-owned establishment since 1995, Village Cafe has been serving Siesta Key with traditional breakfast fare and some of the finest coffee in the area. Known for its welcoming atmosphere and tasty food, this cafe is perfect for families and groups looking to enjoy a leisurely meal together.

The menu at Village Cafe caters to a wide range of tastes, with classic breakfast options like eggs benedict and burgers, as well as vegetarian and gluten-free choices. To make the most of the beautiful Siesta Key weather, enjoy your meal on their outdoor patio while basking in the sunshine.

Although Village Cafe does not take reservations, they recommend calling ahead if you’re planning on bringing a group of 8 or more people to ensure a seamless dining experience.

French Flair at Bonjour French Café

Bonjour French Café is your destination for a hint of French elegance in Siesta Key. This charming café offers a delightful menu of French home cooking, pastries, and coffee, transporting you to the streets of Paris with every bite.

The food at Bonjour French Café is simply divine, with options like a big fruit bowl, sausage omelet, and a delicious cappuccino to start your day off right. The café’s atmosphere is pleasant, making it the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely meal while soaking up the Siesta Key vibes.

Whether you prefer to dine indoors or outdoors, Bonjour French Café offers indoor and outdoor seating options. Don’t miss out on this delightful café during your Siesta Key vacation, where you can indulge in delicious French cuisine and coffee.
French Flair at Bonjour French Café

Simon’s Coffee House: Vegan Delights and Community Building

If you’re looking for a coffee house with a focus on community-building and delicious vegan delights, Simon’s Coffee House is the place to be in Siesta Key. This cozy and inviting café offers a diverse menu of plant-based options, ensuring everyone can find something to enjoy.

In addition to its fantastic coffee, Simon’s Coffee House serves up an array of vegan and vegetarian dishes like breakfast bowls, wraps, and sandwiches. There’s truly something for everyone at this charming café, whether you’re a committed vegan or just looking for a delicious, healthy meal.

Simon’s Coffee House is the perfect spot to:

  • Catch up with friends
  • Grab a coffee
  • Enjoy a tasty meal
  • Experience a cozy atmosphere
  • Indulge in mouth-watering vegan delights

Be sure to stop by during your Siesta Key vacation and enjoy all that Simon’s Coffee House has to offer.

The Sweet Side of Siesta Key: Meaney’s Mini Donuts & Coffee House

The Sweet Side of Siesta Key: Meaney's Mini Donuts & Coffee House

If you have a penchant for sweets, Siesta Key’s Meaney’s Mini Donuts & Coffee House is a must-visit destination. This popular bakery is famous for its homemade donuts, coffee, and ice cream, making it the perfect destination for a sweet treat.

Meaney’s Mini Donuts & Coffee House offers a variety of delicious donut flavors, including strawberry cheesecake and cinnamon donuts, which are sure to satisfy your cravings. In addition to their scrumptious donuts, they also serve coffee and soft-serve ice cream, providing an array of options for customers to indulge in.

With friendly service and a cute atmosphere, it’s no wonder that Meaney’s Mini Donuts & Coffee House is a favorite among tourists and locals alike.

Nutritious You Plant-Based Café: Healthy Choices in Siesta Key

Nutritious You Plant-Based Café: Healthy Choices in Siesta Key

If you’re on the hunt for healthier choices in Siesta Key, Nutritious You Plant-Based Café is the ideal spot. This café offers a variety of:

  • vegan breakfasts
  • juices
  • smoothies
  • coffee

All are made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, offering amazing food.

The menu at Nutritious You Plant-Based Café includes delicious options such as:

  • Breakfast Burrito
  • Vegan Tuna Wrap
  • Scrumptious Pizza
  • A range of smoothies, acai bowls, and coffee drinks

With a focus on sustainability, this café is committed to using organic ingredients and sourcing locally whenever possible.

Enjoy the beautiful Siesta Key weather while dining al fresco at Nutritious You Plant-Based Café’s outdoor seating area.

Made in Rome Organic Gelato: Cool Down with a Coffee Twist

Siesta Key also hosts Made in Rome Organic Gelato, a distinctive Italian gelato shop that serves organic gelato and coffee, prioritizing sustainability. This charming shop uses organic ingredients such as:

  • milk
  • cream
  • eggs
  • sugar
  • fruits
  • nuts

to create their delectable gelato flavors.

In addition to their delicious gelato, Made in Rome Organic Gelato also offers coffee options for those looking for a caffeine boost with their frozen treat. Their commitment to sustainability extends to sourcing locally and using organic ingredients whenever possible.

While the exact details of their coffee and gelato combos aren’t available on their website, the unique offerings at Made in Rome Organic Gelato are sure to delight and satisfy your cravings.

Plan Your Caffeine-Fueled Siesta Key Adventure

Siesta Key boasts a wealth of remarkable coffee shops and cafes, promising an exciting caffeine-powered expedition. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply looking for a tasty treat, Siesta Key offers an array of espresso options to suit every taste.

Consider staying at the Tropical Breeze Resort, conveniently located just steps from many of Siesta Key’s top coffee spots, including Captain Curt’s Coffee Shop and Bean Coffeehouse. In addition to its prime location, the resort offers free beach amenities and two hours of free bike rentals, perfect for exploring the beautiful beaches and laid-back atmosphere of Siesta Key.

No matter which coffee shops you choose to first visit, during your Siesta Key vacation, you’re sure to create lasting memories and experience the best this island paradise has to offer.


In conclusion, Siesta Key is a coffee lover’s paradise, offering a diverse range of coffee shops and cafes, each with its unique charm and flavors. From the laid-back atmosphere of Captain Curt’s Coffee Shop to the sweet treats at Meaney’s Mini Donuts & Coffee House, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful island destination. So pack your bags, grab your favorite reusable coffee cup, and embark on a caffeine-fueled adventure in Siesta Key. So pack your bags, grab your favorite reusable coffee cup, and embark on a caffeine-fueled adventure in Siesta Key.

Don’t miss out on the widely praised Captain Curt’s Coffee Shop during your Siesta Key adventure. Frequently mentioned as the top coffee spot in the area, it’s a must-see destination. But don’t just take our word for it; their stellar Google reviews are a testament to the quality of their coffee, food, and service. Take a look at their Google business profile here to read the glowing testimonials from happy customers. The rave reviews clarify why Captain Curt’s Coffee Shop is a cherished part of the Siesta Key community.

Furthermore, Captain Curt’s is more than just a coffee shop. It’s part of the vibrant Captain Curt’s Village, a hub of activity with a seafood restaurant, a Tiki bar, an ice cream shop, a gift and souvenir shop, and even bike and kayak rentals. There’s something for everyone at Captain Curt’s Village, making it a must-visit location on your Siesta Key itinerary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Siesta Key a party town?

Siesta Key is a popular after-dark hangout with cocktails, dancing, and late-night bites, making it an ideal party town.

What is Siesta Key best known for?

Siesta Key is the perfect spot for a tranquil and beach-filled vacation, thanks to its inviting white quartz sand beaches and variety of outdoor activities.

Why is it called Siesta Key?

Named by the Siesta Land Company, Siesta Key was established in the late 1800s and is believed to be derived from the Spanish word for rest, ‘siesta’. This name perfectly reflects the peaceful ambiance of this beautiful Florida island.

Is Siesta Key the same as Sarasota?

Yes, Siesta Key is located off the coast of Sarasota, within its city boundary and also making up a large portion of its census-designated place. It is about 30 minutes north of Venice Beach and south of Bradenton.

What are some of the top coffee spots in Siesta Key?

If you’re looking for a great cup of joe in Siesta Key, look no further than Captain Curt’s, Mojo Risin’, Bean Coffeehouse, Village Cafe, Bonjour French Café, Simon’s Coffee House, Meaney’s Mini Donuts & Coffee House, Nutritious You Plant-Based Café, and Made in Rome Organic Gelato.

Can I find vegan or vegetarian options in Siesta Key coffee shops?

Yes, many coffee shops in Siesta Key offer vegan and vegetarian menu options. Particularly, Simon’s Coffee House and Nutritious You Plant-Based Café specialize in plant-based dishes, providing a variety of delicious and healthy choices for their customers.